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What a curious page I have happily stumbled upon while searching for the origins of my husband and I shouting 'White Rabbit!" as our first utterance on the first day of each month. It seems we're all searching for the origins.I have NO clue why I am voting for White Rabbit but only that my husband came home from work one day with the story, and it stuck ever since

Wonderful story -! I wish life, and the web, were full of more serendipitous links such as yours, pardon the pun. If memory serves me, it was a fellow named Phil Prince, who hails from Derbyshire. I'll find out his story and send it along. So I'm sorry, we're probably not as much a new strand as a qwerky (sp?) couple who enjoy whimsy.

No, not competitive - we're just supposed to shout (as loud as possible, although that's difficult first thing in the morning, we assume that's part of the challenge) 'White Rabbits'! Once for good luck, each month on the first day. I even type it into my website on some months (if you're keen to see it, I'm www.themep.com). My gosh, I just noticed you are from Waltham. (I have family in Woburn) I had assumed you were in the UK - something about "Dendritic gemscales" just didn't say Boston to me. :-) The gemscales are still most intriguing to me. More interesting than babyscales! (I've recently had my first baby-AND, I studied medical laboratory technology in a former life where we were required to understand the workings and accuracies of all types of lab scales). Congratulations on a wonderfully assembled page, and a pleasure to make your acquaintance! After having read all the entries on your page, I'm also thinking that luck is in the believer. ;-)

- Poots on 3/5/2003

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